Grow Your Brand with Personalized Video Content

How to Gain the Competitive Edge with Video Marketing

Brands face many challenges on their way to gaining mainstream acceptance among customers. Among them is brand image. One of the most effective ways to boost brand image and attract additional customers is through targeted personalized video marketing strategies that meet the exigencies of individual clients. Most conversions that occur on e-commerce sites take place on the first visit. This is why it is said that you don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression.

Going Behind the Scenes with Product Videos

There is no doubt that product video is one of the most effective means of increasing ROI, retaining customers, and enhancing brand presence. The process of customizing video content is a complex one that requires a close working relationship with the client and the video production enterprise. There are many such examples of how a company can tailor its video content to the specifications of the target market. For example, a typical e-commerce site selling jewelry has many daily browsers looking through its range of product offerings.

Each user that scans the website for jewelry descriptions, photographs, or prices is a potential buyer. To sweeten the pot, personalized video content is created to make each product, page, and description as appealing and enticing as possible. Personalized product video can be thought of as a one-on-one interaction with an effective salesman. But it goes far deeper than that: product videos are tailored to search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Each video is a smorgasbord of code and optimized content, courtesy of SEO experts.

Get Personal in a Non-Intrusive Way!

Dynamic video retargeting advertisements are sales drivers. If any user browses a product, page or description on an e-commerce site and didn’t make a purchase, he or she is the ideal candidate for dynamic video retargeting advertisements. These are showcased on multiple platforms such as YouTube pre-rolls, via Facebook video advertisements, or on Google GDM. Think of them as customized television ads on the Internet. They are highly effective at driving users back towards websites that they have already looked at and shown an interest in.

As a rule, it is important never to bury the lead in e-commerce. Clutter is a killer and should be avoided at all costs. Whenever marketing initiatives are undertaken, clients do not want to have to sift through a mass of text, or hieroglyphs to understand the marketing message. Clients enjoy facts, and tend to shun the fluff. To seal the deal however, it’s important to add a personal touch to the e-commerce site. This is what builds relationships.

Generating Client Retention with Personalized Loyalty Videos

Once a buyer always a buyer, right? There is no doubt that a satisfied customer is a strong candidate to become a returning customer. This is where loyalty comes into the picture. Personalized loyalty videos are so advanced that they deftly delve into the personal space of the customer. For example, a client who is about to celebrate a birthday may receive a targeted video message enticing him or her back to the e-commerce store where the jewelry was sold. It could be an Anniversary, Valentine’s Day gift, Black Friday sale, or New Year’s wish. That client would be personally apprised of the bonuses and promotional offers available in store that would suit his or her preferences.

It’s about nurturing the relationship that exists, so that the client will always remember the professionalism and courtesy offered by the company. This is how relationship building takes place, and it is highly effective for brand recognition, customer loyalty, and repeat business. The personalized video content needn’t necessarily sell a product, it could be promoting a service such as a utility bills online payment system. By making things as easy as possible for the end-user, dynamic video retargeting distinguishes one brand from another in the most effective way.

Businesses and Customers Thrive with Video Marketing

Video marketing can create the perfect conditions for businesses and their customers. By focusing the right product on the right customer at the right time, in the right communication medium, it is entirely possible to generate the best possible results. For companies this is increased brand loyalty, better return on investment, higher customer retention and satisfaction. From the customer’s perspective, it’s personalized service and credibility that is established.

There are several measures that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of video marketing. For example, in dynamic video retargeting, return-on-investment (ROI) and click-through-rates (CTR) are key indicators. According to Treepodia’s statistics, ROI improved by 49% and CTR improved by 74% on average compared to traditional static retargeting campaigns. The most dramatic changes were seen in furniture and jewelry, given that these are high-end purchases that require comparative analysis. Another interesting statistic that emerged was that of YouTube dynamic video retargeting pre-rolls which showed a 47% higher viewing rate than standard retargeting YouTube pre-rolls.

Personalizing these videos takes some doing, and these efforts need to be fully integrated into the customer retention management systems. The benefit of using a reputable provider of video content is that there is no need for Google to review the ads, since they are immediately confirmed for viewing. This is especially useful to travel companies that run last-minute deals and are subject to rapid industry changes. Treepodia’s dynamic solution is leading from the front in this regard.