Marry the Brilliance of Influence Marketing and Video for Success

Since before the age of computers companies have always searched for reputable third parties to vouch for them, put in a good word or brag on their behalf—on a one-by-one basis. The idea is still alive, and thanks to the types of technology at our disposal, this old referral process is slowly being replaced by influence marketers.

Who Are These Influence Marketers?


Why Is Video So Important for Influence Marketers?

Video has been dominating the internet and people cannot get enough of this instant hype. The numbers show that 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos online every day.

With the convenience of small, light-weight laptops and tablets, the trend is to turn to those devices for many of our viewing needs. TV advertising is on a rapid decline, and the industry is facing its greatest losses since 2010.

What has become so popular that it’s leaving TV behind? It’s the rapid growth of YouTube that has caused massive amounts of people to make the shift from TV to YouTube. With 1 billion users, almost 1/3 of the internet, YouTube reports 1 billion hours are spent every day watching YouTube—all current stats as of July 2017. This alone reveals the power, versatility and engaging aspect of video, which has also provided a fantastic platform for people to reinvent themselves and become internet sensations, and of course video influencers.

Facebook’s video features have been harnessed by thousands and video’s impact has doubled with the ability to produce both live and pre-recorded video. Many have become instant celebrities through their ability to master online video, like Elise Strachan. She may not be aligned with your industry, but imagine finding a video influencer liker Elise who reviews companies that can propel your business to new heights? If any of these self-made internet celebrities reviewed your product or service, imagine how this would impact sales?

Video has not only made its mark on YouTube and Facebook and but it has become an integral part of platforms like Instagram, Snapchat and It has become such a mainstream tool that people have come to rely on video to provide the quick, engaging and informative updates.

Tips when using video influencers

Conversions can increase 3-10x when companies team up with video influencers. The irreplaceable aspect of real influencers is: “True influence drives action, not just awareness.” Here are few points to keep in mind to make this match successful.

  • Choose a video influencer that is aligned with your industry.
  • Preview their videos to gauge their level of knowledge.
  • Check out some of their reviews and see how they compare with the accuracy of how companies represent their products or services.
  • Pay attention to how many subscribers they have and how people react to their reviews or recommendations.
  • Let video influencers produce the video in their unique style and trust their execution of the project.
  • Provide video influencers with a few products to demo to give your viewers a broader knowledge of your brand.
  • Ask your video influencer if they have a preference of products to sample, based on their subscriber base.
  • Choose someone who can break down any complex features, in order to reach a wider audience.
  • Find a video influencer that is engaging and dynamic and knows how to present.

If your business is in technology for example, you might want to team up with a video influencer such as Armando Ferreira. He has 244,913 subscribers and 41,009,485 views. His has a wide range of knowledge in a range of products and his videos are engaging and easy to follow. He understands the features and the mechanics of the popular devices out there and breaks down the features in a way that also appeals to the non-technical crowd. Non-technical shoppers also seek this kind of information. If your product or service was added to a video playlist from a video influencer like him, your brand would receive attention in a whole new light and your sales would soar.

Incorporate Treepodia’s A/B Testing


If you want to know how your video influencers are affecting your brand, Treepodia can implement A/B testing to compare the performance of your other videos, to your video influencer videos. The Treepodia platform can perform accurate A/B testing and provide a complete breakdown of your results to help you focus your marketing efforts in the right direction that will help your business flourish.