PokerStars Players Savour Victory with Winning Moments Videos

The world’s #1 poker room, PokerStars recently introduced a groundbreaking innovation for players – PokerStars Winning Moments Videos. These videos utilise Treepodia’s cutting-edge technology to compile a player’s most important poker hands, and top highlights from poker tournaments.
For players, the Winning Moments Videos are the ideal keepsakes for performing well in poker tournaments. Designed and developed by creative experts at Treepodia, these videos utilise logic trees and highly-developed algorithms to select highlights from a player’s tournament activity.

Make that Winning Play and Save it!


Poker tournaments are highly competitive affairs where players are required to keep their emotions in check. Going on tilt can devastate your bankroll, especially when you bet recklessly and go all-in on poor starting hands. Novice players are more prone to emotionally-based play than pros, but the poker learning curve is one that every great player has gone through.

Whether you’re flipping a dream hand heading into the showdown, or 4-betting for a big pot, you’ll want to capture these momentous plays. It begins with the big blind, small blind, Flop, Turn and River, and ends with a massive poker pot for the most skilled players. It’s a spectacular sensation when that final card turns over and your opponent’s face drops.

It is these moments in poker games that live on in your mind’s eye. Poker is a game of smarts. You play the player as much as you play your cards. While you’re learning the intricacies of the game, you’re also taking mental snapshots of the decisions you make and the consequences that result.

It’s tough jotting everything down in a poker playbook, and that’s precisely why PokerStars turned to Treepodia to make this all possible for players. Making it through a SNG (Sit & Go) tournament or an MTT (Multi-Table Tournament) is an awesome achievement.

These are what players call high-intensity moments, and they happen infrequently. Now, it’s entirely possible to share these memorable moments, savour your poker victories, and invite feedback from friends, fans, and family.

Poker Video Memories Etched into Cyberspace


Video memories are the preferred medium for poker players, since they are easily accessible and shareable on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, G +, Pinterest and others. Fans get to see that one moment when a make or break decision – call, raise, or go all in – puts you on an inevitable path to victory. These Winning Moments Videos are forever keepsakes, and they highlight the best gameplays from your winning performances.

What’s great about these videos, and the algorithms that create them, is that they only focus on the defining moments that catapult you into poker superstardom. The internationally renowned commentators from PokerStars, including Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan will provide the commentary, and the video footage is automatically collated by Treepodia.

Players will be able to relish and relive these winning moments, starting with WCOOP (World Championship of Online Poker) No Limit Holdem contests. PokerStars will be congratulating final table finishers and winners with their very own Winning Moments Videos.

Various examples of the all-new PokerStars Winning Moments videos are available including one from Jamie Staples who snatched victory in a $33 tournament back on June 18, 2017. The great thing about these personalised videos is that they are not manually edited – it is a complex algorithm that automatically compiles the content and illustrates tournament highlights for the winning player.

Once a big win has occurred, the player will receive an email with a personalised link to the PokerStars video. It will include important information such as your result, your winnings, and the highlights of your gameplay. The initial videos will focus on the WCOOP No Limit Holdem evens and then include a range of No Limit Holdem tourneys for players who cash 100 x their buy-ins. All videos will be fully narrated in English.

A Fully Immersive Experience for Poker Players


Naturally, the initial rollout may be peppered with commentary errors, but these will gradually be ironed out as the technology is fine-tuned and the system is adjusted to meet the exigencies of the game. Luckily, poker players are a savvy lot, and they can assist in remedying any errors that crop up. Once players receive their link to the PokerStars video, they can click on ‘report issues’ to make changes.

These include things like selection of hands, winning moments and other errors that may have occurred along the way. The PokerStars technical team works around the clock to resolve these discrepancies, and boost the quality of the Winning Moments videos.

This fabulous innovation is another first for PokerStars, and it promises players a more engaging, memorable and interactive experience than ever before. Player loyalty is assured with value-added video content, and this is a terrific way to cast the net further afield and draw more players into the poker fold!