Treepodia Launches Starter Package for Dynamic Video Remarketing

Raising the Bar on Dynamic Video Remarketing


Dynamic Video Retargeting is the most effective way to retarget customers who have previously viewed your products. As one of the front-runners in the video remarketing industry, Treepodia has recently launched a starter package for Dynamic Video Remarketing. The purpose of this is to gain maximum leverage from your advertising dollars. The starter package requires an affordable investment of just $900. These funds will be allocated towards your Facebook video retargeting campaign. Some 100 top-selling products will be promoted with premium-grade video banners.

For marketing departments, this is a no-brainer. Treepodia manages the entire campaign from inception to optimization. All aspects of the Facebook retargeting campaign will be handled by in-house experts at Treepodia. $400 will be taken from the $900 allocation for the purposes of media spending. The total investment of $900 covers all aspects of the dynamic video remarketing campaign on Facebook.

How Does It Work?


Treepodia has extensive experience at the highest levels of video retargeting. As one of the industry trailblazers, Treepodia has created hundreds of templates for all sorts of video retargeting campaigns. These are designed to relay the marketing message as effectively as possible, driving higher sales, higher levels of customer retention, and greater engagement levels. The templates feature clear calls to action (CTAs) for customers, making it easier to drive customers through the sales funnel and boost ROI.

The process requires clients to simply complete 2 basic steps:

  • Integrate a basic remarketing pixel.
  • Provide Treepodia marketing professionals with a data feed from the range of products and services at your company.

Once the requisite information has been received, marketing professionals, videographers and advertising consultants will begin working on the campaign. Within days, the entire ad campaign will go live on Facebook. Treepodia has extensive experience in targeting the right demographics, niche groups, and clientele in your geographic domain. Advertising budgets are designed to generate maximum yield.

Going Live on Facebook – A Portal to a Global Audience


Once the marketing campaign is live on Facebook, clients will have carte blanche to monitor all activity and results directly through the Facebook dashboard. The benefit of comparing Treepodia’s results with those of other marketing campaigns will soon become evident. Once the CTRs, CTAs, ROIs, customer numbers, and reader interest become apparent through the Starter Dynamic Video Retargeting Package, Treepodia will work on additional packages to boost sales activity. This is one of the many value-added benefits of using this company’s expertise in dynamic video retargeting.

Beyond Facebook marketing, Treepodia will also upload all 100 top-selling product videos directly to YouTube. The pros of dual exposure on YouTube and Facebook will drive greater numbers of potential customers to your e-commerce platform. Clients will enjoy all the search engine optimization (SEO) benefits of the additional YouTube coverage. Currently, there are close to 2 billion monthly active users (MAUs) on Facebook according to the globally recognized statistics portal, Statista. It’s worth pointing out that Facebook advertising campaigns provide much better bang for your buck since the dynamic video retargeting advertising content is displayed in the newsfeed – unlike static banners which are only available on an individual page.

Companies seeking to reach an increasing number of users are turning to social media giants like Facebook and YouTube with highly converting video marketing campaigns. According to YouTube, some 1 billion users now enjoy this social media juggernaut’s services. That translates into one third of Internet traffic. With 1 billion hours of video watched every day, YouTube reaches more people in the US than any cable network. Plus, videos are available in 88 countries, 76 languages and across 95% of the online population. With such staggering statistics, it is imperative that marketing departments focus their efforts on these social media platforms.

The cross-functional, interactive nature of social media platforms is another benefit that allows dynamic video retargeting content to spread quickly and effectively. For example, Facebook and YouTube content can easily be shared across multiple social media engines like Instagram, Twitter, G + and Tumblr. With Treepodia video content, momentum can easily be generated and high-quality content can quickly go viral across platforms. The efficacy of dynamic video retargeting vs static remarketing is evident in the numbers: ROI increases of 49% and CTR increases of 79% have been observed. This indicates a substantial return on advertising investment, and a much higher level of engagement on email campaigns and individual pages by individual users.

Let’s Get Started

Signing up for the Starter Package from Treepodia is quick and easy to do. Simply enter your name, last name and email address and customer support representatives will contact you to kickstart your dynamic video retargeting campaign.