Win Your Clients over with Customer Service Videos

The Impact of Customer Service Videos

The digital world is here to stay. It both simplifies yet complicates matters at the same time.  Consumers have to muddle through endless bills, read the rules and updates on company websites for each product or service that they have purchased, follow links to online bills, or try to navigate through a website to find instructions on how to use a product or service. Suddenly they are left overwhelmed in an impersonal digital world that is supposed to make their lives easier.

For every convenient online task that is meant to simplify their lives, they are left with confusion in another aspect. Most products and services have a digital component and the more the onus is put on the consumer to decipher material, the more calls must be fielded at customer call centers.


Once customers are upset and they call customer service, companies may have already lost them. When angry customers flood call centers, the staff also becomes overwhelmed and companies then need to expand the department to handle the calls. This translates into huge costs for companies, but also delays answers for customers, which further frustrates them!

The solution is clearly to anticipate questions or issues ahead of time.

If you sell few products, rather than services, this can easily be accomplished through how-to, or walk-through videos, or product presentations. But  if you offer service plans that are tailored to every one of your customers, like a phone plan, an energy service or an insurance policy, you cannot create footage for every one of those clients, but you can send personalized videos that have a customized message for each one.

When deciding on customer service videos, there are standard elements that should be included.

For example, for the first video it is recommended to include a personalized warm welcome at the start of the video. No matter what type of video you choose to introduce your product, a walk-through, overview, or detailed explainer video, you can personalize the message first with a thank you and welcome message.

Addressing a person by name in any form of communication makes them feel important, and is another must. This effect is amplified in personalized videos. When clients see their names in big, bright letters, and simultaneously hear their names from a professional voiceover it draws them in and creates a strong connection between them and the brand. The powerful outcome of using a client’s name, both vocally and visually cannot be overstated enough, and is a good idea to incorporate in any personalized video you send to customers.

Two Popular Types of Customer Service Videos


Customer service covers such a broad range of client relations. It helps to narrow down the most popular types of personalized customer service videos that improve the entire customer experience. It is a good idea to choose a couple of effective strategies to streamline your marketing efforts.

Product Overview and Summary Video

In the example used above for the welcome message, it also shows how to explain an overall service by taking them on a video tour of a product, in this case, an insurance policy. It clarifies the dates of the coverage, who is covered under the policy, what the policy includes, how to navigate the member portal and how to reach out to an agent for help. This type of video could be used for phone plans, credit cards, utility plans or any other service that you choose. A personalized video for each client that speaks directly to them about their specific customized service, reduces confusion, gains their trust and makes them sit up and take notice when they view an engaging video.

Bill Explainer Videos

One of the most frustration aspects of receiving a bill is trying to decipher additional costs, add-on-service costs, digital plans, and partial payments, and of course, how to pay the bill online. Bill explainer videos remove all of that confusion, while making the experience of receiving a bill so much less painful! Additionally, the videos provide information that can’t be included on the actual invoice, so it answers questions that customers would normally turn to call centers to find. These videos can be easily sent to customers through email campaigns, newsletters and texts.

Benefits of Customer Service Videos

  • Prevents angry customer calls.
  • Reduces call center expenses by 10-20%.
  • Allows you to communicate personally to millions of customers, something that even the biggest call center cannot handle
  • Personalized videos use your design and brand guidelines, which brings your brand image right to your customer’s personal email (or phone), which raises your brand awareness
  • Creates a special connection between you and the customer when they receive a surprise video that they weren’t expecting
  • Makes customers feel valued when they receive a personal, customized video about their specific service, especially when they see and hear their name.

The key is to maximize the personalization aspect of video, by incorporating as much customer data into the video as possible. By having different versions based on various scenarios, the videos will reach the right clients, provide necessary information that will enhance their use of your products or services, and facilitate trust and brand loyalty.