User Review Videos: A Game Changer for E-Commerce

The internet provides full access to information on any product. This readily available information also comes with user reviews that influence potential buyers. This is not a new concept. So what’s changed? The popularity of—and even dependence on—video for so many online solutions has spilled over onto user reviews.

What are user review videos?

Consumers are used to seeing star ratings with a few written sentences on products that they search for online. Those lines of reviews start to blur together after a while. Video is gaining momentum in this area now too. Users film themselves either trying out the product live, or explaining all of its features in detail (the pros and the cons) in a powerful visual presentation. At one time user review videos were rare, but their personal, engaging and detailed characteristics are more appealing than reading a few lines about a product.  Video reviews also carry more authenticity than a written review, which is harder to hide behind, and helps to avoid fake ratings.

Types of Powerful user review videos

Customer Unboxing Videos


One invaluable aspect of reviewing a product through video is the opportunity to “unbox” the package for the first time during live video. The anticipation and excitement of opening a product package for the first time becomes real for the viewer as they share in the experience of the reviewer. This article quotes Google’s finding of 20 million search results on YouTube just on “unboxing” a product. This demonstrates that consumers crave to be part of the entire process that can only be achieved through video.

Advantages of unboxing video reviews

  • Creates brand awareness: When potential customers see the packaging and all of the accessories of your product and how they fit together, they become connected to the product. They see your brand logo and design in the forefront while the reviewer in essence puts on a product presentation.
  • Triggers an emotional response: There is no doubt that opening a new product package for the first time carries with it an element of excitement—especially for a product that a consumer really wants to purchase. Watching an “unboxing” video brings viewers into the process. It creates the feeling of actually unboxing the product themselves as they see the reaction of the person opening the package. It makes the product feel tangible and stand out in the viewers’ minds.

Testimonial Videos


Consumers look to testimonials to make their purchasing decisions. There are many stats that support how customers put a lot of weight in testimonials and even expect to see them for any product they consider purchasing. One source cited that 90% of consumers base their purchasing decisions on testimonials and that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy online after seeing a video. Since video harnesses the visual aspect that a written testimonial cannot compete with, video testimonials are more advantageous for your brand.

Advantages of testimonial videos

  • Increases conversions: Consumers are more likely to convert from video testimonials.
  • Builds brand trust: Video testimonials show customers interacting with your brand, which brings an authentic opinion and objective spin on your product.
  • Brings your product to life: Amazon has started to integrate user review videos into their site. Photos and features are static and one dimensional. The next best thing to buying a product and trying it yourself, is to watch someone else take on that role for you, review the pros and cons and make the product and its features come alive through video.

Integrate user review videos into your marketing strategy

User review videos can be taken one step further. With the correct marketing and technology, your products can entice satisfied customers to post video reviews. Rewards and incentives can help to facilitate video reviews that will in turn increase SEO and conversion rates. Only the best reviewed products will be shown to potential customers. It is such an efficient strategy to add to your marketing efforts. Treepodia’s advanced technology can combine the best of both worlds: professional commercial videos, user review videos, and even dynamic video remarketing.