Even Videos Can Be “Smart”

We live in a world of smartphones, smart gadgets, and the Internet of Things (IoT). We are immersed in a “smart” world at every turn, yet not everyone is familiar with or expecting to come across smart videos at every click.

What are smart videos?

Videos, or links to videos, appear on almost every web page online. Where video was once seen as new and innovative it has become the norm and the expected form of media. To succeed in video advertising a company must brilliantly capture the desired target market online and retain existing clients. The only way to accomplish this is to integrate all aspects of the evolving digital age such as big data, smart technology, and automation into video and essentially turn it into another “smart” tool.


Marry smart technology with loyalty and all other video ads

Seasoned marketers likely use big data on some level to store their customer’s crucial stats, to retarget online and build strategic marketing plans. But how are businesses using video specifically to retarget, or to reach out to their loyal customers? Are companies using generic loyalty video ads or creating small uneventful retargeted ads that aren’t interactive? Video ads no matter what form should be communicate online as “smart” videos.

Make Loyalty videos smart

Static loyalty emails have progressed to generic, templated video ads for many companies. This may have been effective, even impressive, for customers at first, but consumers have high expectations and want to be acknowledged, appreciated, entertained and receive personalized messages. Smart videos meet all of these expectations. They are automated and adaptable for any type of business, and they also have high conversion rates.

Smart loyalty videos:

  • Quickly automate and result in personalized videos for each of your clients
  • Address each of your clients individually by name
  • Use big data to personalize each message based on each client’s purchasing patterns
  • Entertain clients while explaining your service (bills, insurance)
  • Offer discounts and make your clients feel appreciated
  • Send a birthday video wish to each of your customers
  • Bridge the communication gap by demonstrating your desire to connect
  • Increase brand awareness by showing your company’s ability to stay current with smart technology that is also personalized
  • Show clients that ads can should be about them and their needs
  • Increase sales and conversions


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Make dynamic video retargeting “smart”

Video ads are everywhere. They appear as pre-rolls on YouTube. They are on Facebook, Instagram and as banner ads on many sites. Just as static ads have become noise for consumers, video ads are inundating the online world, How do consumers choose to view one type over another? This is why smart videos must be used not only to retarget, entertain, but also be highly interactive—the more the better.  Consumers want to click, answer, interact, be in control of which ads to watch and how they choose to react to personalized choices that put them in the driver’s seat. A smart video dynamically retargets and involves some real-time interaction and speaks to the online crowd at their level.


Remember that today’s online users are glued to their smartphones, wear smart gadgets, use some aspect of IoT at home, have an app for every single thing in their lives. It’s crucial that videos also strive to be “smart.”