The Ramifications of NOT Including Video in Your Business

Video is the talk of the town. We know it, and you know it. Companies are looking


for innovative ways to incorporate video and stay ahead of the competition.

In fact, if you Google “the benefits of video in business” the search will yield results like the one displayed in the screenshot above. It’s not about if you need video anymore, but how to make it work for your specific company. But is it only about that? Trends have changed so much that the conversation should also include the disadvantages of NOT including video in your business to build and maintain your brand.

The Disadvantages of NOT Including Video in Your Business

If you are putting video on the back burner for now while you strategize in other areas of your business, you may be putting yourself at a disadvantage and not realize the implications. You may have a new company and want to leave video for a later date, or maybe you have an older company that doesn’t yet have a full online marketing presence so planning video is not yet on your radar. If you haven’t incorporated video into your business, think about these points that you may not have considered

The Danger of Appearing Outdated

Do you remember when company websites first became popular, it was enough to have one page with a nice photo and static text? It was the gold standard at the time. As gifs started to pop up (literally) onto the pages of websites and slideshows replaced static photos, the evolution of websites started to transform. Each year technology improved and eventually video became an anticipated element on most sites—and even interactive video. If you came across a single-page, static website these days what information would that reveal about the business owner? If your competition is using video to engage clients and you are using simpler technology you may be sending a message that your product could be outdated if you are not updating your technology.

Not Following the Latest Trends

Companies must continue to innovate. Today’s consumer gets bored so quickly that a company must appear to be setting trends, or at the very least, keeping up with the latest ones. Unfortunately, when people come to your site, they judge your company based on how you keep up with the latest trends in your industry. You can cover more ground with video and keep your brand fresh with new videos that are immediate and quickly reach the bored internet surfers that are hungry for more information, more sales and offers and more interactive videos to click on and keep them entertained. If you appear stagnant without the appropriate video marketing program, you will be left in the dust, even if you have upgraded technology and the inclusion of one simple video. If you don’t have a YouTube channel or video campaigns on social media, you may always remain a step behind the latest trends.

Customers May Not Feel Valued

Some business owners really invest in all video platforms: on their website, in personalized emails, in video newsletters, in Facebook, YouTube and Instagram videos. Remember that your competitors are fighting for the same target market. Customers that receive special attention with new and fresh video content, with personalized video communication and interactive video that speaks their name and is tailored to their very needs, will feel extremely valued. If your competitor is spoiling your target audience, when they come across your brand and they don’t encounter video, they will feel that their business doesn’t matter because you didn’t go the extra mile. You didn’t harness the powerful tool of video as your competitors have done, which has most definitely helped them win over some lifelong customers as a result.


You don’t have to be that tech savvy. The key is to hire a video marketing company so that you can appear tech savvy, up-to-date, and relevant—even become an innovator and a leader in your field. Treepodia can fill that gap for you so your business can be cutting edge and engaging with the proper videos that your specific industry and target market expect.

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