Facebook Users Prefer Video

Video has surpassed the new phase as a novelty and has become part of the fabric of the online world—especially in social media. Even Mark Zuckerberg can’t deny the importance of video. As far back as 2017 he was quoted as saying that he sees video as a “mega trend.”

While we can assure you that video is gaining momentum on all social media platforms, we are emphasizing its powerful impact on Facebook specifically in this article. We conducted our own A/B testing using Treepodia’s internal Facebook video marketing campaign to test the effectiveness of video versus photos in ad campaigns.T

The Experiment

In a Treepodia Facebook advertising campaign, our mission was to obtain leads and impressions on our website. The main goal was to lead users to this page: https://treepodia.com/heb/Loyalty.html after clicking “learn more” in the ad. The photo and video campaigns have been running simultaneously for two weeks. We conducted A/B testing in-house to see which ad was performing better.


After running both ads for two weeks, we noted some interesting observations.

Starting out with a daily budget of $1.00 for link clicks for each of the campaigns, we see a large gap between the video and image campaigns in all categories.

The total amount of clicks was 1,258, with video taking a bit more than half of those clicks. The same resulted in the comparison between the click-through rate (CTR) with video also taking more than half of those numbers.

A huge difference was observed in the number impressions between the video ad versus the static photo. The overall impressions were 184,263 with video accounting for 101,764  impressions, leaving the photo ad campaign with only 82,499.

The total amount spent was $230.78.  The photo ad not only costs slightly more money than the video ad per click ,it’s also not performing as well. The extra $2.38 paid for the static photo to date is not a significant amount of money,  but over time, and through a variety of ad campaigns, the additional cost to run a photo ad campaign, versus a video ad campaign can become quite costly and negatively impact your ROI, especially since its performance is weaker, as seen in the above photo.


There is no doubt that Facebook ad campaigns get noticed whether they appear in video or images, but the ROI potential is clearly higher with video. It is more cost effective, attracts more people to your site, and is a more powerful tool to reach and communicate with your target audience. Our internal test is a great example to show how video offers more exposure because of its engaging and interactive nature, is more economical for your marketing budget, and leads to a higher conversion rate.