2019 video trends: Video just keeps growing

Each year technology becomes more sophisticated, the internet strengthens its capabilities to allow more and more traffic, and video takes over more space online. People scroll and scroll from one page to the next, one post to the next and one platform to the next. It is becoming increasingly difficult for static posts and photos to make users stop and look before scrolling on to the next.

Embracing video in competitive market

Brands have been using video to communicate to and interact with consumers, since this is what users have been responding to the most. Each year marketers are investing more effort in video as they see their competition emphasizing video in marketing strategies. According to a report by Wyzowl,  91% of video marketers consider video an integral part of their marketing strategy and 88% will be increasing their use of video for 2019. They also report  that 83% of marketers say video increases their ROI. Noted in the report is also an interesting statistic that 90% of marketers feel that competition has drastically increased with the use of video, creating more need to cut through the noise of the same online space and accepting that video as the most influential tool.

B2B video is growing

Marketing strategies for B2B are starting to take on some of the successful approaches used in B2C marketing—specifically with the use of video. Many businesses viewed video as a tactic to intrigue consumers and to distract them from the noise online.  In 2019, the trend to target businesses, in addition to consumers, will really take of this year.

This can be observed in LinkedIn video sharing. LinkedIn starting beta testing the role of B2B video through their platform and one company for example found that 66% of their media reach was through their LinkedIn video.  B2B video is present on other platforms as well, but this current research highlights its increase in popularity as it becomes documented as a mainstream tool.

Another interesting find from this research that they reported is that for LinkedIn viewers, 80% watch video without sound (they recommend video with subtitles). This is a revealing piece of information that could be applied to other online platforms.  It confirms that video is such a powerful online tool if viewers are willing to watch it with the sound off!

Video encourages more interaction with your brand

When people come across video they will remember your brand longer, since video creates more of a memory—an event—rather than just another static photo for users to glance at as they scroll on by.  Google even posted a tutorial on the engaging nature of video and how important it is to move from passive to active videos. If Google stresses active videos, then it’s fair to conclude that using static photos is no longer the most successful online strategy. The article also says that video can increase conversions if produced correctly. The Google article was posted in 2018, indicating there is a growing importance for video marketing.

Video is even expected to account for 80% of all internet traffic in 2019, and that statistic was predicted in 2017. The rapid climb that video has been taking has only just begun.

Video is not a passing fad

The research supports the growing trend and demand for video. In order to remain in the game, video is no longer an option, but a necessary part of any business. It’s not a fad, or a passing phase, but an integral part of our future.