Brands that use video are taking the lead

There are many resources online filled with statistics that prove how video increases click-through rates, conversion rates, and ROI. When each aspect of video analytics is broken down, and every important marker of video performance is analyzed video always comes out on top. But what about the brands that choose video as an online strategy? How do they perform in general?

Companies that embrace video are more successful

Video is a powerful tool

Marketers that incorporate and emphasize video in their marketing strategies increase revenue 49% faster each year than those that don’t use video, according to the Aberdeen Group. The report explains that video marketing is leading over other types of marketing strategies, not only because video is a powerful and engaging medium—which it is—but because of how it’s used.

There is an interesting correlation between the type of marketer that uses video, coupled with the versatile nature of video marketing and analytics. Marketers that rely on video are more tech savvy, have more diversified marketing strategies, and are more likely to use SEO effectively. Video also allows for easier and deeper analysis of the entire customer journey. Videos allow marketers to monitor and collect data on how consumers use and interact with video.

Consumers actively seek companies that use video

If your marketing department has not yet hopped on the video bandwagon, your product or service may suffer from a lack of brand awareness. According to Google, “almost 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store.” If your competition has product videos and your site is full of static photos, you’ve most likely already lost the sale to the “almost 50%” that are searching for video to help them decide if it’s even worth making the trip to your store.

This logic can also be applied to online shopping, and is in fact, even more critical. The proper video, with the right style and message can really impact your overall sales and brand awareness. If you are not online, you don’t exist and if you don’t have video you may not be found.

Video increases social media sharing

According to a well-known marketing expert, Jeff Bullas, videos are shared 1,200% more on social media than links and text posts combined.  If you think about your journey though the online world, do you look up a brand on social media? Do you check to see if they have a Facebook page or Instagram account? It is a popular place to search and interact with brands with 3.48 billion people using social media. The brands that are winning are using video online and on social media. People love to share engaging videos, whether or not it’s a video about a product or service, a fun fact or a news item. Video is highly shareable and if already implemented in your marketing campaigns it should be ready available and accessible on social media for people to share far and wide.

Video has zero drawbacks

Companies are always weighing the pros and cons of implementing new strategies to see what’s most lucrative. The beauty of video is that there are no cons—only pros, Video should not be a future plan for companies. It is critical to implement it now so you don’t get left behind. It can help ensure that your brand is also taking the lead!