Video Marketing Best Practices

As you strive to perfect your product or service, there are an infinite number of factors to consider with video marketing which can be very time consuming. When you are in the midst of planning and strategizing, it’s easy to lose sight of the best practices for video marketing that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

We have compiled our top five recommended video marketing best practices to give your marketing efforts a boost.

Five Video Marketing Best Practices

1. Hook your viewers

This is basic and may seem too obvious to highlight, but like with everything, it’s always a good idea to revisit rudimentary principles. As technology advances and allows for more sophisticated video, Your message must be both intriguing yet, simple enough to keep your audience focused long enough to watch your video ad in its entirety and to take action (whatever your desired call to action may be).


Use powerful imagery

Video can be created using still images or you can shoot professional video footage. The main thing is the quality and resolution of the final product so they are sharp and appealing. You want to aim for the “wow” factor from the first second that someone begins to watch your video.

Keep it short and simple

It is tempting sometimes to make ads more complex in the hopes that they will appear dynamic and impactful, but you will lose your audience if you make it too convoluted.

Clarify your branding and message

You no doubt have lots to say and many points to get across, but try to focus on one main theme to make it more digestible for potential customers. Any confusion on their part will result in a lost sale.

Define your target

The more focused your target market is the more successful you will be at getting your message out to real potential customers. Do your research and set your targets accordingly.

Personalize your message

Personalized video is the difference between a generic video ad that won’t phase your audience, versus a personalized one that addresses the customer directly and makes them feel valued and understood.

2. Make it interactive

These days almost everyone expects to interact with video. Consumers want to feel that they are part of the process. They dislike being talked at, or sold to, but want to take the lead in the decision making stages.


Provide clickable links or buttons

Consumers love being part of your story and being invited to click somewhere, especially if they can get a discount or have the chance to win a prize.  Discounts, promotions or contests can be magical buzz words for your audience to find in clickable links.

Create a video that allows users to upload their images

If users notice immediately that they have the opportunity to do something fun and creative like uploading their own photo to the actual video ad they will be motivated and fully engaged. Our marketing team created one such video ad for Carolina Lemke starring Bar Refaeli and Steven Tayler Users could upload their photo to replace either of them in the video. In this example one user chose to replace her photo with Bar Refaeli’s so she could be the leading lady in the video.

Create dynamic remarketing videos

This ties into personalization but it also overlaps with the interactive aspect. When potential customers or current customers come across a video ad that is tailored to what they previously purchased or similar to what they purchased or even browsed on your site, it inspires them to follow your call to action.

3. Create videos that work without sound

People scroll quickly through newsfeeds on Facebook and Instagram, and many tend to do so with the sound turned off. Voiceovers and background music used to be critical aspects of a video ad, but with the knowledge that a large segment of the population will watch your video without sound, the synergy between the copy and the images must be emphasized.

Tips :

Choose dramatic video footage

As much as video was always important the past, it has never been so critical since it must be capture the audience without sound.

Don’t make the background music the main focus

It is critical not to lose sight of the audience that will miss the background music entirely. Try not to waste time and money compiling the best background music that will only be relevant for those who listen with the sound turned on.

Use powerful copy

Choose your words wisely and keep them as crisp as possible. Ensure that the words both support the video and get the message across with or without sound.

4. Harness the power of storytelling

Storytelling has become a widespread tactic to keep viewers intrigued. It’s a new way of presenting ideas in an interesting and entertaining manner. It takes the sales pitch out of the message and instead guides viewers along a journey.


Ditch the sales pitch

Your product or service has a story about its benefits and purpose. Instead of writing sales pitches, tell a story about how it fits into people’s lives and why it’s needed in the form of a solid and entertaining story.

Step into the tour guide role

Guide them through the story and lead them to where you want them to go. Formulate your story as if you were telling a friend about your product or service. Add any interesting side stories or anecdotes that have come up along the way.

Use humor

Add humor where appropriate to engage viewers.

5. Make it shareable

It’s almost a waste in this social media obsessed society to create a video ad that cannot be easily shared across networks and platforms. Social media posts can go viral rather quickly, which should be one of the goals of video marketing.


Dazzle potential clients to the point that they will want to share your video with their networks.

People make a snap decision to scroll past your video, to click on it or to share it. What if your product or service is absolutely perfect for your viewer’s network? You want to inspire them to share your video which can widen your intended target market.

Be relatable

Be relatable in your message and overall tone. If people get you and can relate to your product or service, chances are their peers will too, which is another strong motivation for viewers to share your video on social media.

Check your format

Make sure it will be work well with Instagram and Facebook and other popular networks.

Keep this list handy

As you create your video ads, keep these tips close by as a reminder of our top five best practices in video marketing.