Video Marketing Trends: 2020

What’s in store for 2020 when it comes to video marketing? Are users expecting more advanced videos or simpler ones? The answer is both! But how can this be? Read on to find out as we witness an interesting shift in consumer behavior when it comes to video trends.

Advanced video technology

Consumers will expect more complex and advanced video technology. They will gravitate to video based on its quality, coupled with its ability to perform, engage and entertain—even more than the previous year.

360-degree videos

Regular videos cannot compete anymore. This website reports that 74% of marketers were successful with 360-degree videos. They are the most exciting videos to watch and are powerful advertising tools to make your brand stand out and appear more dynamic. It is mentioned in every article online as one of the most important and growing types of video marketing for 2020.

Live video

Facebook inspired the world when it rolled out Facebook Live to everyone in 2016. Just two years ago, 1 in 5 Facebook videos were live videos and the number of live videos has doubled year over year just between 2016 and 2018. Facebook Live could be an interesting and lucrative strategy to add to the mix. If your customers are used to seeing the same type of ads—even cutting edge video—try doing a Facebook Live even once a month to introduce a new product, record an event, or just to send a greeting to your viewers.

Personalized video

Growing in popularity each year, and an important part of video marketing trends for 2020 is personalized video. Brand loyalty is dependent on the association that customers have with a company. When customers feel special and valued, and have the opportunity to interact with your brand on a personal level, they are more likely to become lifelong, loyal customers. Personalized video is the best way to guarantee that this connection is nurtured. An example of a personalized video could be a video email that addresses a person by name and either provides an offer related to a previous purchase, congratulates them on a birthday or wishes them a happy holiday season. The idea is to avoid generic video ads that feel spammy, but instead, personalize them for each customer, which will make them feel appreciated. This will increase conversions and brand loyalty at the same time.

Simple Videos

As much as consumers have high expectations with advanced video, they also crave simple, personal and short messages. The big video productions that were once popular are losing ground. People want a short ad, or a personalized story.

Storytelling is no longer optional

Storytelling is a personal, casual approach that is fun to incorporate into video, and it is interesting for the audience.

Picture in your mind a typical video car ad. They all look the same: A beautiful car is driven by a couple, a family or a business executive. The video shows the car as it glistens in the sun and glides smoothly through velvety roads along the ocean or along a road with lush trees and rolling hills as it picks and speed to show its durability and strength.

Bentley cars created this unique ad using storytelling to convey its message. Although this was shot a few years ago, they used the strategy of storytelling to provide a different experience. After watching this video you are guaranteed to remember most features about the car and its advantages. What can you recall from other car ads?

Less big production and more casual videos

In continuing with the Bently ad discussed above, the article says that the entire ad was filmed using an iPhone—creating a more casual video that is relatable. This is why so manyYouTuber have risen to stardom from filming in their car, in their home and while traveling. Personal, casual videos that bring the audience into the story will continue to gain popularity.

Video without sound

We see this all the time—especially on Instagram and YouTube. It is critical to create videos that are not dependent on sound. By adding text to the video, it ensures more views. Not everyone accessing your video in a public place will be wearing headphones so if your video is dependent on sound, you will lose a huge audience, as well as potential clients.

Limit ads with a 100% sales pitch to just a few seconds

As we head into the year 2020, people’s attention spans are shrinking, not growing. The internet is saturated with ads—everywhere—there is no where to run. Consumers tune out ads that come across too much like a straight sales pitch, but in many cases you need to produce those types of ads. The best way to get around this hurdle is to create the most engaging, exciting, and entertaining ad in just a few seconds—and only a few seconds. Check out Treepodia’s short ad for Heavyglare Eyewear.

These trends are really exciting for the marketing world. It allows marketers to create casual videos, short videos, yet harness their creativity with storytelling, 360-degree videos and live videos.