Why You Must Embed Video in Client Communications

The proof is in the numbers!

Video has been the latest super power online for marketers and it just keeps growing. You can see here in the latest stats, how video usage has greatly increased among marketers between 2016 and 2020. Even more importantly, 96% of consumers have watched video explainer videos to learn more about a product of service.

This means that video must also be part of your client emails. Here’s how:

Tell them a story

Storytelling is the new sales approach. You must talk TO them in an engaging manner, and not AT them with a sales pitch. The key is to convey your message in a short, and concise manner and lead them on a journey through the story that you are sharing about your product or service. If we visit a Google example, of a video marketing campaign they created in 2018, they shared a powerful tip in their summary. Initially, they say, try not to highlight the features of your product, but instead find the human, emotional side that taps into their wants, not their needs. Later on, you can repurpose creative to showcase the features of your product as a way to continue the conversation.

Always strive for personalization

The key is to address personal situations using dynamic data in the video. With dynamic loyalty videos that are based on personalized data, the video will call attention to the appropriate customers. This will make your clients feel valued by viewing content that is completely tailored to them. By addressing them personally and discussing their unique preferences, they are more likely to trust your brand, feel appreciated and continue to purchase your products or services. Recent stats show that 81%  prefer that brands know how and when to approach them.

Address FAQ

Your videos should definitely include answers to FAQs. By providing answers upfront, it saves both your company and potential customers a lot of time. It eliminates the back and forth with your customer service team so they can free up their time for complex queries. FAQs show your viewers that you care and want to provide superior customer service by offering an important resource upfront. According to Social Media Today, 95% of the message will be retained if they watch it through video. This will keep your brand front and center in the customer’s mind.


Wherever possible and relevant, upsell during your videos to increase the use of your service. This will increase overall revenue since video boosts conversions in general[1] , and has been over the past few years. Video’s importance has grown tremendously since 2011, so it demonstrates how powerful this tool for conversions. Imagine how helpful it will be for upselling!

Interactive and mobile friendly

Most people these days reach for their phones to consume all aspects of digital content. This makes the expectation for a mobile friendly video to be so fundamental.  A video that is not mobile friendly will be closed, clicked away from and most definitely not posted on social media or shared on any platform. To increase your chances of sales and engagement, make sure your videos are mobile friendly. Since 92% of mobile users share videos, it’s crucial to optimize your videos for mobile use, make them clickable, allow for participation in the video story and of course make them sharable.

Measure and tweak

Monitor and measure your relevant values so you can adjust your strategy along the way. Decide what your top measurements will be (conversion, views, click-throughs, etc.) and adjust accordingly. Make sure to measure continuously, so you can track the video trends and behavior of viewers on a regular basis. Video emails to your customers should be analyzed thoroughly based on a few measurements like view count, completion rate, watched with sound on versus sound off, for example.

Call to action to continue the desired journey beyond the video

Each video should have a clear call to action that takes viewers to the main goal.  Make your call to action clear and even intriguing, which can include an offer or special deal for those that follow through on that final step. According to recent stats, 79% of consumers say that watching a brand video convinces them to buy a product. While you have a captive audience, it’s imperative that you lead them to your desired call to action to help them take that next crucial step.