Virtual Customer Relations in the Time of Corona

Luckily, many businesses have been able to stay afloat during the difficult times of COVID-19 and those that have, need to maintain communication in a dynamic and memorable fashion. This transition time is critical in staying connected with your clients.

There are three ways to successfully achieve this through personalized video.

Video email to reassure your clients

As we adapt to this new normal, it’s important to let your clients know that they have not been abandoned, and explain what you will do to assist them. Sending a short email message just won’t do the trick. It’s not effective to simply send a standard, “We’re here for you” email.

What’s so fabulous about personalized video here is the option to send a video addressing them specifically, including details that relate to their specific connection to your business and their purchase history and preferences.  If you know they like to buy certain items from your company, or use a specific service, for example, you can send a video outlining the status of your product or service and explain any delays or shortages if they have occurred due to the coronavirus, or instead emphasize how your company has not been thrown off course if that’s more accurate. You can acknowledge these challenging times and offer special deals or bundles to help save them money on their next purchase and of course reassure them that you are available for customer support.

Taking the time to send a personalized video to reassure your clients about your unwavering commitment to them during this uncertain time, by highlighting the important points that relate to them, and offering discounts will strengthen your ties.

Explainer video of your company’s coronavirus stages

Every country is at a different stage in opening businesses and easing restrictions. This can be confusing to your clients, especially if they are not local. Offer an explainer video on your company’s roll-out plan and make it relevant to each customer, based on where they live.

Are you dependent on shipping, which may not be allowed to happen yet? Are your services dependent on staff in your office? Or are you business as usual? Explain your general situation and step-by-step plan through the stages of reopening or reorganizing. It’s less promotional than the idea presented above, yet can harness personalized video by addressing the client by name referring to their geographical location and being sensitive to their concerns by sharing your plans in the time of the coronavirus.

Personalized video following a Zoom call

Businesses are relying on Zoom now more than ever. This tool allows for dialogue on important issues, customer relationship management, sales presentations and other relevant meetings. If you have a paid membership with Zoom this allows you to record the meetings. What does this have to do with personalized video?

If you have recorded a Zoom presentation or meeting that a client attended and it’s important for them to retain with added insight, you can incorporate it into a separate personalized video by sharing the link, or editing it into your video. This can be a powerful tool to communicate with your client by referring to a relevant Zoom meeting and building on the ideas conveyed, or explaining them further on a more personal level.