Email campaigns have been around forever, and the fact that personalization is key to marketing success has been studied extensively. Consumers are saturated with the task of building a following of happy, link-clicking, repeat customers, so you really need to roll out the red carpet by providing experiences they’ve never had before.

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So you’re going to YouTube to watch the latest cute kitten video. You’ll have to watch an ad first, but you don’t mind; you know this is the price of kitten video fun.

But what is this? An ad for Axe body spray? YouTube thinks I’m a 19-year-old frat boy?

At Treepodia, we already know how to show the right ads to the right audience.

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Have you noticed that checking email can be quite mundane? Unless people see something that makes them come alive they will just keep on working in a robotic state. Video emails will not only awaken your clients, but they will see your videos as relevant, leading to increased product engagement.

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If you’ve been following this blog over the past 2-3 years you’re well aware we’ve been talking about the convergence of mobile and video as the web’s future for quite some time now. Turns out we’re not the only ones who see things that way. The two largest players in online engagement today are YouTube and Facebook, and though each has its own approach, they’re both focused primarily on this paradigm.

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Last week, we showed you how product videos are effective as marketing tools because they cement bonds with the consumer.

But videos are just one branch of a personalized multichannel marketing campaign. To be a real pro, you need to reach out across media.

“Customers engage with brands across many online and offline channels today, making it challenging for marketers to get a complete picture of the customer journey,” said Stephan Dietrich, vice president of Adobe Campaign, a newly launched cross-channel campaign management platform.

Things you must do

Determine your audience. Do your research. Figure out who your buyers are, their personalities and preferences. Here are some profiles that IBM created of potential customers.

Track and analyze your audience data. Get to know their online profiles and behaviors. Entrepreneur Gideon Kimbrell says his company maintains almost a gigabyte of data on every user.

“The more intimately a company knows its customers, the more it can customize

their experiences and become indispensable to them.”

– Gideon Kimbrell, Entrepreneur

Reach out on social media. American Express, for example, has partnered with retailers in real-time marketing promotions on social media by mining a customer’s location and credit card activity.

Getting Personal with Multichannel Marketing

Getting Personal with Multichannel Marketing

What Treepodia can do

Treepodia can utilize data collected over time on an e-commerce website to tailor a personalized video for each viewer. Check out our personalized online poker video.

Our videos can also show items that were dropped at checkout or that complement previous purchases. For example, people who bought a beach ball are shown a bucket.

Personalized multichannel marketing is dynamic and complex. But the payoffs are real, and it’s important to get started with your campaign before you fall too far behind. Research shows that companies that actively market over multiple channels more effectively utilize their assets.

Click here to see how Treepodia can help you with personalized video marketing.

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It’s long been known that product videos are highly effective marketing tools. A new crop of statistics shows just how valuable they are.

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With over a billion users and more than 300 hours of video uploaded every minute Youtube still reigns supreme in the kingdom of online video. From the perspective of online retailers one of the most  interesting youtube phenomenons is product related user and brand generated content. It’s a simple reality that regardless of what you’re selling the odds are there are already youtube videos out there that relate to your product, and some of those might actually be excellent marketing pieces that could be very valuable at helping you drive sales. If you’ve ever tried locating them though you probably realized very quickly what a massive challenge it is to locate these needles in the Youtube haystack.

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What is it?

Clickable videos with embedded linked buttons are a cool new feature now included as a default for Treepodia’s new premier templates. After running through the product ad, viewers have the choice to:

  • Immediately purchase the product they saw
  • See similar products liked by others
  • See the best-sellers offered on the website

Whatever the vendor wishes to promote can be tied to these action buttons.


What it does …

In a nutshell this experience makes it easier for consumers to shop. If they like the product, they click directly on the video itself and are redirected to the shopping cart.

See it in action here.

The feature adds value to vendor’s videos by making them interactive and transforming them into direct sales channels. This might just be the fastest route from product presentation to checkout.

How to use it…

After creating your video and enabling the feature you’ll be offered to add the following buttons:

  • Add to Cart
  • Category Bestseller

After the first month of run-time, enough data will be aggregated by Treepodia’s algorithms to present the best cross-sell options for purchase.


Viewers who’re “just looking” are now exposed to a new, powerful and configurable call to action that can trigger deeper engagement and perhaps a purchase down the line. Less effort for the browser, with a heightened sense of urgency for the customers – This is call-to-action at its finest.


Posted by Jazmin dela Cruz On February - 23 - 2015 Promoted Services and Offerings

Pre-Roll Ads – An introduction

If you’ve ever watched youtube in the past few years you’ve already been exposed to a pre-roll ad, even if you’re unaware of it.  Pre-rolls are a major revenue generator for video portals and are characterized by being brief and becoming skippable after a short period of time (ususlly 5 seconds). Pre-roll ads are typically used to raise awareness and drive website traffic. They can be used for lead generation and sales, but they’re not intent targeted like classic SEM PPC.

For pre-roll ads to be effective they have to grab the audience’s attention within the first few seconds. Including intriguing, funny, helpful or even controversial content within that brief span can make the difference between a skipped ad (read: missed opportunity), and an effective campaign (read: more sales). A key factor in triggering the desired response from your audience is relevance. More about that later…

Why YouTube?

Although pre-roll ads are offered by a number of leading video networks, with over a billion visitors each month Youtube is by far the largest. Youtube video views extend beyond the site – although the mass of prerolls are seen on watch pages, and channel pages with featured videos, don’t forget that the ads also play on connected TV and game console properties, as well as the Google Video network and YouTube players embedded across the web.

In short – If you’re looking for exposure at volume – YouTube is IT.

making pre-roll dynamic and personalized.personalized-pre-roll-video

Making preroll relevant – Personalized video

As we mentioned earlier one of the primary concerns with pre-roll as an effective advertising platform is relevance. That’s all about to change. Here at Treepodia we’ve been hard at Our new technology replaces the “one-video-fits-all” mentality that is the current state of the industry, with a revolutionary dynamic video ad. We’re no able to create unique pre-rolls for every one of your products, furthermore these ads can be updated on-the-fly to include your latest promotions. When combined with retargeting data collected from your site the ads can even be personalized, so that each viewer is exposed to ads that relate to items they personally were viewing on your website.

How’s that for relevance…

For more details contact us now

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Online marketing is chock-full of timesavers, tactics, and tips, with personalization of messages being one of the most effective tactics. Traditionally personalization was limited primarily to mail-merge in newsletters, but not anymore…

Customer loyalty videos are personalized videos syndicated directly to your customers’ inboxes, and if they aren’t a part of your e-marketing strategy, they should be.

Register Now: “Video Email Marketing and Maximizing Content from YouTube”

Customer Loyalty Videos - Video marketing at it's best

Customer Loyalty Videos – Video marketing at it’s best

Learn more about the incredible power of customer loyalty videos from Treepodia’s latest webinar. Join Chief Marketing Officer Dr. Melody King on Thursday, November 13, at 2 pm EDT as she discusses how Treepodia not only creates personalized customer loyalty videos for you, but also goes above and beyond to help build a buzz about your brand and optimize your return on investment. Register now!

 The webinar will highlight:

  • Treepodia’s Personalized Customer Loyalty Videos

  • Treepodia’s YouTube Fetcher Service

  • Results tracking and Automated Optimization

  • Expected Return


Customer Loyalty Videos and Treepodia’s YouTube Fetcher: A Primer

With Treepodia’s personalized customer loyalty videos sent directly to your customers’ email inboxes, you can increase email open rates by 20 percent and click through rates by two to three times, boosting brand awareness, sales, and customer retention. Above all, these are videos that matter to your customers—videos that they want to see.

 Treepodia’s YouTube fetcher service scans YouTube for videos created by users, experts, and reviewers that feature your products. Then, it lets you automatically upload them to your website, lending credibility to your business through real testimonials.

Harness the Power of Video Marketing – Learn More from Our Webinar!

 Video marketing can boost the effectiveness of email programs and enhance marketing through word-of-mouth. So don’t delay! Learn how to take advantage of these new tools and use them to grow customer engagement and sales. Register for our latest webinar today.

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